The Australian National University
Awarded the ANU Vice Chancellor Award for Excellence in Education, 2018
Awarded the ANU College of Arts and Science Award for Teaching Excellence , 2017
Undergraduate Teaching
PHIL1004 Fundamental Ideas in Philosophy: An Introduction (2015, 2016, 2017, 2023)
PHIL2012 Buddhist Philosophy (2015, 2020)
PHIL2061 Philosophy of Mind (2014)
PHIL2064 Theories of Ethics (2014)
PHIL3062 Advanced Philosophical Topics: Comparative Philosophy of Mind (2016)
PHIL3073 Advanced Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy - Kantian Ethics (2017)
PHIL3078 The Philosophy of Emotions (2022)

Kyoto University
Graduate Teaching

(Visiting Lecturer) Semantics and Meta-Ethics for Mādhyamikas and Pramāṇavādins (co-taught with Koji Tanaka)

Marquette University
Graduate Teaching
PHIL6430 Epistemology: Practical Knowledge and Know How (2013)
Undergraduate Teaching

PHIL3450 Epistemology: Empiricism and Scientific Knowledge (2013, 2014)
PHIL3380 Asian Philosophy: Indian Buddhist Philosophy (2013)
PHIL2310 Theories of Ethics (2012, 2013, 2014)

Auckland University
Graduate Teaching
(Guest Lecturer) PHIL746 Philosophy of Action (2008)
Undergraduate Teaching
PHIL211 Ethical Theory: Ethical Naturalism (Hume, Kant, Foot) (2011)
PHIL224/344 Buddhist Philosophy (co-taught with Koji Tanaka, 2009)
PHIL102 Introduction to Ethics (2008)
(Teaching Assistant) PHIL202/322 Philosophy of Language (2012)
(Teaching Assistant) PHIL214 Classical Chinese Philosophy (2007)
(Teaching Assistant) PHIL211 Ethical Theory: Welfare, Happiness, and the Good Life (2007)