I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Philosophy at the Australian National University (ANU) and an Early Career Research Fellow of the Australian Research Council. Before ANU, I was an Assistant Professor at Marquette University. I have a BA (University of Melbourne), MA (University of Sydney) and PhD (University of Auckland) in Philosophy. My doctoral thesis researched Aristotle's concept of phronesis in dialogue with contemporary debates about practical intelligence in skilled virtuous action. The first chapter was published as Phronesis in Aristotle: Reconciling deliberation and spontaneity and was short-listed for the 2015 Annette Baier prize.

Much of my recent work critically engages with Indian Buddhist philosophy, which I have studied in India, Nepal, USA, Switzerland and Japan. I am a co-author of Moonshadows: Conventional Truth and Buddhist Philosophy (Oxford 2011) and have co-authored papers with Koji Tanaka on spontaneous action in martial arts (2010), comparing Madhyamaka Buddhist two-truth theory with Carnap's distinction between internal and external schemas (2011) and on the nature of ethics for Madhyamaka Buddhism (2011). I have  published articles on the nature of action and ethical agency in the context of Indian Buddhist Pramāṇavāda and Classical Chinese Confucianism and Daoism (2011a, 2011b); as well as the meta-ethical problems that arise when Buddhist ethics is contextualised in Pramāṇavāda epistemology (2010) and Madhyamaka metaphysics (2015, 2018). I examine Buddhist views about idealism (2018), the reflexive self-awareness of consciousness (2018) as well as animal welfare and vegetarianism (2017). I engage the issue of how to understand Buddhist ethics in dialogue with mainstream normative ethics (2017), and critically examine the moral psychology of fear and trust in the context of Śāntideva's Bodhicaryāvatāra (2019). I also have new work on the 'paradox of fear' in classical Indian Buddhism (2021), and the role of karma and moral responsibility in Buddhist ethics (forthcoming).

I am currently writing a book that advances a cross-cultural analysis of fear and its cognitive and social regulation that is scientifically informed and inspired by Buddhist thought. I am also co-editing a book with Geoff Barstow (Oregon State) on Buddhism and Animal Ethics.